Monday, March 7, 2011


Despite being perfectly fine, I've been ordered to rest for a few days.

I do not respect this decision. I do not like being grounded.

I guess I can get a few things done in the meantime, though. I could update this blog with some new information, too. I want to be helpful, really, to anyone, and I feel like this blog could actually help some people out there.

If only to let people that they aren't alone. I mean, most people who read the blog must think I'm some crazy kid roleplaying with his friends or something, but there are those few who understand, who see this and recognize that there are people who are fighting for them.

I am worried about what Maxwell said. What did he mean? And why has his entire demeanor changed? He hasn't always been the most stable person around, but he wasn't ever... cackling like a mad man before.

I don't know. Before he turned traitor, Maxwell worked for us. He was a scientist who seemed fairly happy with his job. But then he betrayed us, when he was exclusively working on a top secret project for the higher ups. He stole the contents of the project, and it's unknown what he's done with the contents so far. However, it's speculated that his new code name, "Silver Hammer", is connected to what he's using the contents for.

Personally, I don't believe it's my business to speculate about it. But... I do have a theory as to what the Silver Hammer project could be about. I think the Silver Hammer was a weapon of some sort, possibly designed to kill Fears. Maxwell stole this weapon, and he may have been unable to destroy or hide it adequately, so he's now playing a grand scale "keepaway" game with us.

I have this uneasy feeling from it all.

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