Sunday, March 6, 2011


We received yet another call for the Convocation. If I was in a better mood, I'd make some sort of migration joke, because they were way farther north this time. It took some time to get there, and we were sure that we missed them by the time we arrived.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, a Nest crashed into the van I was riding in from above, apparently from off of an overpass we were passing below. It attempted to fire off a huge electrical discharge. The van swerved just in time to smack the Nest off of the van and off of the highway. We squealed to a halt. I felt nauseous, but I fought it off and prepared to engage.

The van's back door was ripped off. A huge bulky Nest appeared. He grabbed the nearest agent and attempted electrocution. Another agent shot at him, which caused him to let go of him. The nest retreated, and we jumped out of the van in pursuit. Other agents attempted to close down the road, while five agents and I ran off after the bulky man.

He jumped off into a ditch. I immediately stopped. The other agents didn't.

"You idiots, stop! That's water! Do you have a death wish?"

One of them almost stepped right into it. The bulky man turned around and studied us.

"Come back. They want us to follow."

We went back to the van and reported what had occurred. We waited.

A minute later, the nest showed back up again. This time, it appeared right on top of the van without anyone noticing. It screamed above us. The body began to destroy itself as electrical bolts erupted from within it.

Agents pointed their guns as it as they backed away.

I then realized the bird wanted to take us all down with it.

"Everyone! Hit the de-"

It exploded. The van was blown apart. There was only one casualty, but many were hurt from the blast. The casualty was a good man, by the by. I liked Dave a lot. I'll miss him.

We cleared the highway of debris as fast as we could and we reopened it. We left.

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