Friday, March 4, 2011

The Convocation

The Convocation is one of the deadliest Fears we have to deal with. It's found all over the country, and the world for that matter, and its influence is evident throughout the nation. It is to an extent a hivemind-type Fear; a single mind divided and diluted into individual tribes and pieces. It was one of the first Fears the Lonely Hearts targeted, and it's been one of the main Fears we've held back ever since. The Convocation is connected the ancient Native American myth of the "Thunderbird". Like the thunderbirds, the Convocation is connected to thunderstorms and electricity.

The Convocation comes in many forms, but these forms mostly manifest as types of birds. These forms have been classified into different classes by our organization. These classes follow the division of the Earth's atmosphere, to reflect upon where these forms are usually found when they are airborne (and the Convocation is usually found to be airborne when it is dormant).

The first forms are known as the tropospheres. They are the weakest link in the chain, and they are also the most common form. They watch humans, act as messengers, and are often scavengers. They seem like normal birds, but they are highly aggressive, and also have a slight electric charge attack that they will use if threatened. They channel this attack through their beaks. While they are dangerous to the average human, they are little to no threat to actual Lonely Hearts agents.

The second forms are known as the stratospheres. They are the grunts of the Convocation. If a Lonely Hearts agents is engaged with the Convocation, it is usually in this form. They take the form of larger birds, such as eagles, and they have a strong electrical charge. Their primary ability, however, is their ability to use human bodies as disguises to further their own goals. They will usually kill, or ask, a human for their body, and then pose inside of it. We call these disguises "mansuits."

The third forms are known as mesospheres. They are the pack leaders, and they are usually in charge of a gang of stratospheres. They are ever vigilant, and very calculated. They are also very careful. They are very large creatures, huge unidentified species of birds, that are quite capable of carrying away humans if they see fit. They usually do not use "mansuits', but if they do, they aren't using them as disguises, but instead as methods of communication. They have an electic charge that is quite able to kill an adult human, which usually resemble terrifying lightning strikes. When they appear, super cell thunder storms usually follow.

The fourth forms are known as thermospheres. It is very rare that a human will ever come in contact with these mythic beings. For a time, it was doubted they even existed, until recent events proved otherwise. Since there are limited reports on their location, abilities, and characteristics, they are a very mysterious creature. It is said, though, that they are very, very bad news, and if they are encountered... run. Run as fast as you can away. They are associated with violent hurricanes.

The fifth form is known as the exosphere. It is only a theoretical form. It could very well not exist. However, it has been witnessed, through eyewitness accounts of Convocation ceremonies, that this being at least used to exist. It is said to be the strongest form of the Convocation, and that it is, at the moment, in a deep slumber, and once it is woken up it will cause a horrible storm that will wipe away humanity and bring about an era of domination of the Earth for the Convocation.

The Convocation is one of the Fears that I have the most experience with. Ever since the beginning of my career as an agent, I've dealt with these fuckers. However, they always find a way of knocking me off my feet. I've never felt totally safe and confident around them.

I'm kind of wary of their recent actions. They've been on the move a lot lately, and it's hard to really determine what their goals exactly are. The Convocation, as a whole, isn't really a smart, organized Fear, but it also isn't a wild animal. I worry less of its plans for attacks against humanity, and more about its relations with other Fears. 

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