Monday, February 28, 2011


This blog’s purpose is a simple one. I aim to save as many lives as possible. The method I am using to do this is a bit risky, but it’s necessary. After you read the following paragraph, without fully knowing the circumstances beforehand of it, then you are immediately put into peril.

If you feel as if you can’t handle the trut- no, if you can’t handle death, then please, do not read any forward. I will not warn you again.

I am not responsible for your actions, so I will not be held accountable for whatever happens to you.

Now, down to business.

A few hours ago, something happened on this planet that changed it for good. The very fabric of existence was tampered with during the event.

I wasn’t talking figuratively back there. There are monsters, and they are alive and well. And with this event, their presence in this world increased dramatically.

What I mean is this: today and late yesterday, these Monsters finally broke a certain threshold… their influence on this planet now outweighs humanity’s total influence. They have more control and presence on this entire planet than everyone everywhere, and soon, will control more portions of the Earth than all life on the planet.

Knowledge of their existence has passed a certain mark too. With their presence magnified, humans undoubtedly took notice, and alarm, to it. Now panic is spreading like a wildfire, which is exactly what they want. The more we fear them, the stronger their foothold is.

Most of these monsters have been around since the dawn of time. They are eternal, and if they can be killed, it is extremely difficult to do so; probably impossible, for a human. We have never succeeded in killing one, and we’ve been trying since the sixties.

We have tried and tried and tried to contain them, to halt them, to do anything to slow them down; but it never works. And I doubt it ever will. So we do our best to keep you all safe.

But I don’t know how we’re going to handle this upcoming wave of attacks. Surely, this changes everything. And this is why I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands.

The internet needs to be aware. This needs to get out so people know what to do when their lives come crashing down. I think secrecy is bullshit, when it comes to saving peoples’ lives.

Just like how every person needs purpose, every blog needs one as well.

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