Monday, February 28, 2011


Are you ever afraid of the dark? What haunts you the most? Are you scared of the eternal, yawning chasm of time? Are you scared of the dwindling seconds of your life? What are you scared of.

Are you afraid of God? Are you afraid of drowning? Are you afraid of being torn to shreds? What are you afraid of.

Are you afraid of the shadows outside your vision? Are you afraid of miscommunication? Are you afraid of being alone? Tell me all your worst Fears.

Are you afraid of the sickness? Are you afraid of fate? Are you afraid of the clouds above? Tell me what you run away from.

Do you run away at all?

These are questions every human has encountered in some form. Life tests everyone with hardship to find our failings and use them at our disadvantage. We are nothing and yet our feelings define our entire world. Split second decisions have changed the landscape more drastically than what a human can ever hope to achieve in their entire life, even if they devoted themselves to demolition. In some cases, we’ve defined our environment more than natural disasters.

We’re defined by Fear, and in that relationship, we’ve given life to them.

Every human in the world comes at one point to suffering. Everyone is put through pain. It’s just matter of time until you are. Whether it be because of your relationship to your own fears is to be determined by the course of your life. Tragedies befall many because of their attachments to their phobias.

You can be defined by your tragedy, or you can forget and let go.

My entire life has been defined by those two choices. And soon, your life will come to that too. Everyone experiences tragedy one day. Everyone comes to suffering.

It’s just that the suffering I experienced was a bit unusual compared to normal pain.

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